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3,000 Hour Advand Clinical Massage Therapy Program

Year 1 of 2: First Year Massage Therapy Curriculum Outline

MaKami College offers Alberta's only 3000 hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program. The first year of this two year program includes 1,250 hours of actual training and massage therapy courses. This includes a two-week work experience placement with major employers that can open doors to numerous massage therapy career opportunities. Massage Therapy students also get the added benefit of an on-site supervised massage therapy clinic class, where they will work with clinic clients that the school provides to gain valuable knowledge and experience.

The curriculum outline for the first year of the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program includes:

Curriculum Outline - Year 1 of 2
Module # Module Name
MT-IP 100 Injury Prevention
MT-AP 101 Anatomy & Physiology
MT-PH 102 Osteology & Myology
MT-PT 103 Pathology
MT-MH 104 & 105 Massage Therapy as a Profession
MT-EC 106 Ethics & Communication
MT-BM 107 Business/Employment Prep
MT-SW 108 Swedish Massage
MT-DT 109 Deep Tissue Massage
MT-SP 110 Sports Massage
MT-LP 111 Lymphatic Massage
MT-PN 112 Prenatal Massage
MT-ST 113 Spa Techniques
MT-HT 114 Hydrotherapy
MT-OS 115 Orthopedic Assessment
MT-CP 116 Clinic (Supervised)
MT-OM 117 Outreach & Marketing (Supervised)
MT-PW 118P Practicum/Wk Experience (Supervised by employer/not paid)

Upon successful completion of the first year program you will be assisted in finding a practicum work experience opportunity within you city.

Year 2 of 2: Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Curriculum Outline

The second year of the 3,000 hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program is an advanced look at massage therapy geared towards a more medical view of the profession. With a strong focus on sports massage and injury rehabilitation, the second year of this Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program places emphasis on the treatment and prevention of injuries related to motor vehicle accidents, professional sports athletes, medical rehabilitation and hospital illness and care. The second year combines theory and practical with plenty of work experience. Students will be able to work as a Registered Massage Therapist for placement as long as it fits the course guidelines. Students will also receive a current Apple iPad loaded with educational materials to assist with the successful completion of the program.

The curriculum for the 2nd year portion of the 3000 Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program includes:

Curriculum Outline - Year 2 of 2
Module # Module Name
AC-OS 200 Orthopedic Assessment
AC-OS 201P Orthopedic Assessment Practicum
AC-PT 202 Advanced Pathology
AC-PH 203 Pharmacology for Massage Therapy
AC-ANT 204 Advanced Neuromuscular Techniques
AC-ANT 205P Advanced Neuromuscular Practicum
AC-HC 206 Massage Therapy for Patients with Illness & Client Care
AC-HC 207P Massage Therapy for Patients with Illness & Client Care Practicum
AC-MF 208 Advanced Myofascial Massage Cupping Therapy Treatments
AC-MF 209P Advanced Myofascial Massage & Cupping Therapy Practicum
AC-MFS 210 Myofascial Stretches
AC-OSP 211 Orthopedic & Advanced Sports Massage
AC-SP 212P Advanced Sports Massage Practicum
AC-NW 213 Nutrition & Wellness
AC-FT 214 Fitness & Therapeutic Exercise
AC-FT 215P Fitness Instruction Practicum
AC-PSY 216 Psychology of the Body
AC-OM 217 Outreach and Marketing
AC-BM 218P Work Experience in General Business Marketing Practicum
AC-CP 219 Clinic Supervised
Looking to upgrade your hours?

If you’re already a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) looking for additional hours you can upgrade at MaKami! Just Contact Us to find out how!

Worried about working while in school?

Many MaKami College massage therapy students are able to apply for employment after successful completion of their first year of school. Students are permitted to continue working at their current employer for job practicum placement as long as it fits course guidelines.