Walking Down Memory Lane with MaKami Alumni and MaKami 14 Days Winner!

It was such a lovely visit with Florentina & Lucia Diamondi today at the MaKami College Edmonton Campus.

Lucia is our Day 10 winner, coming to pick up her prize, passes to Kananaskis Nordic Spa. She has faithfully been entering the 14 Days of Christmas Giveaways contest for years and this year she won!

Her mother, Florentina, was a graduate of MaKami College from 2004, and knows all our original staff members, it was a lovely walk down memory lane. She enjoyed a tour of the new Edmonton campus, and was very proud to see what the college has grown into.

She spoke of how she loved her time at MaKami College and how she is currently still working as a massage therapist!

We are so glad we got a chance to catch up with you today, and we hope you both enjoy your spa day in the mountains!