Can a Male Massage Therapist be Successful in Alberta?

Is massage therapy a good career choice for men? Of course it is!

While there are more women than men practicing as registered massage therapists in Alberta, and our registered massage therapy classes tend to have more female students than male, men have a unique advantage as registered massage therapists. If you’re a man who is thinking about going to registered massage therapy school, read on.

Are Male Massage Therapists Successful?

Many male registered massage therapists have fruitful and fulfilling careers. Massage therapy is a satisfying job, full of human connection and a feeling of helpfulness. Furthermore, more males are entering the industry and getting cool jobs in sports rehabilitation and other male-dominated industries. Men who pursue this career path often find they are in high demand.

Whenever a profession is dominated by one gender, it means those of the other gender can find a specific niche and need for their skillset within the industry. As a male massage therapist, you have unique abilities. Let’s look at some advantages of being a male massage therapist, and some suggestions for how to succeed.


The biggest advantage a male registered massage therapist has is strength. With larger hands and more muscle than many female registered massage therapists, you’re able to perform deep tissue massages. This strength also makes you more qualified to work in the sports industry, and in more clinical massage environments. In both instances, your clients aren’t just looking to relax. They need speedy recovery and real healing. Their performance depends on their body being ready to work.

A Complementary Background

Many male massage therapists come from a fitness background. If you already work as a personal trainer, coach, nutritionist, or a similar role, massage therapy is a great addition to your skillset. Not only can you help clients develop an active lifestyle, you can help them recover and heal. Massage therapy training sets you apart from other health professionals.

Tips to Succeeding as a Male Massage Therapist

Regardless of what type of massage therapy you end up doing, be it athletic, clinical, spa, etc. these tips will help you find more success as a male registered massage therapist.

Get Professional Training

Becoming a licensed, registered massage therapist from an accredited program will signal to your clients that you’re legit. It also allows you to provide receipts for your clients to use for their insurance and health benefits claims.

Be Sensitive to Your Clients

Recognize that your clients, both male and female, may be uncertain about having a male massage therapist. Prioritize their comfort, including giving them space to change and prepare for the massage, and communicating together to understand your service and their expectations.

At the end of the day, there isn’t much of a difference for the success and careers of a good registered massage therapist regardless of if they’re a man or woman. At MaKami College, you’ll learn the personal skills, technical ability, and business know-how to have a long, successful career as a registered massage therapist.