MaKami Edmonton is on the Move!

The official GO FOR LAUNCH has been given!!!

Inspections have passed – permits have been granted – and we are ready to step into our new space as we put on the finishing touches!

Now for the good stuff…when will YOU be at our NEW Bonnie Doon Campus (And check out the Q&A section below):

November2017 – Thursday May 2nd 

Jan2018 – Monday April 29th (your scheduled exam for Tuesday April 23rd will still be at St. Gabes.  Don’t forget to empty your locker on the way out)

March2018 – Tuesday April 30th

May2018 – Wednesday May 1st

July2018 – Thursday April 25th

September2018 A&B – Monday April 29th

November2018 – Tuesday April 30th

January2019 – Wednesday May 1st

HCA January2019 – Saturday April 27th (Your Tuesday – Thursday theory classes will be at Capilano, your Saturday Clinic day will be at Bonnie Doon)

March2019 – Thursday May 2nd

Here are a few questions that you might be thinking about…

Where is this new campus?
Attached is a map of where Bonnie Doon is in relation to Capilano.
The address of the mall is:
8330 – 82 Avenue NW
The College is located at the NORTH end of the mall near the Public Library.  All Entry/Exit into the college will be through the mall.  There are access doors into the mall on both East and West sides of the building.

How do I get there?
If you are taking ETS – I would suggest using their helpful “Transit Trip Planner” tool to choose the best route.
Simply enter “Bonnie Doon Centre” as the destination.

But I’m driving…where do I park?
We will be allocated specific parking spaces in the future…more details to follow.
There is ample parking on the EAST and WEST side of the mall with entrances into the mall on both sides.
We want to be kind to our neighbors – I’d like to ask that you do not park at the NORTH end parking lot between the college and the library. Besides…it’s way farther from the mall access than the East and West parking spots.

What do I do when I get to Bonnie Doon? The campus is so BIG!
Our WONDERFUL staff will be available at the entrance of the campus to help you find your way.

Can I come check out the campus earlier?
Absolutely! If you have a chance to swing by before class or even on a day you do not have class – please feel free to do so starting April 26th.

Oh no – I forgot to empty out my locker – what do I do now?
No problem. If we can move the locker with your lock still attached – we will.  If they have to remove the lock in order to remove it from the wall and transport to the new campus – then we will ensure that all contents in put in a bag/box, sealed, labeled and placed in a secure location at the new campus.  If you are looking for your items – please let reception know, leave them with a way to contact you, and we will contact you at a later date.

Will I have a locker at the new campus?
Eventually…but not right away. So please be mindful of what you bring for your first few weeks.

What do I need for my fist day/weeks at the new campus?
Treat any day at the new campus like any day at the old campus…but way better!  While we wait for lockers – you will still need to bring indoor footwear, sheets (on practical days) and whatever you normally use for class/clinic or during the day.  You can bring your outdoor footwear with you to class and we will arrange for a spot to place them elsewhere in the future.

When will EVERYTHING be done?
As soon as possible.  While we put on the finishing touches – we want to hear from you and get suggestions on how things are flowing. We will make tweaks along the way and turn this into the best campus possible.  We are on track to be completed by June 1st – and will ensure we communicate with you every step of the way.

I still have questions…who do I ask?
That’s the greatest part about MaKami – we are ALL here to help YOU.
All instructors and staff have been given details of our move and will be working with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.
There will be a period of time we will need to settle in – but in the meantime – please feel free to talk to us and let us know how it is going.
I also LOVE getting emails from you too – feel free to send me an email and I will pass it along to the appropriate department.

This is a monumental move! Take pictures and document your journey.

We can't wait for you all to see it! We'll see you there!