MaKami College Enrollment Available

After a few weeks at home in isolation, some people are running out of things to watch on Netflix and are wondering how they can improve their lives once the threat of the COVID19 pandemic has passed. Some people are learning new skills or working on their fitness, with MaKami College you can do both, and begin training NOW for a fabulous new career!

MaKami College has modified our programs to allow for online learning for our Massage Therapist, Health Care Aid programs, and we have classes beginning in May, July and September 2020. Even better, if you are looking for more of a challenge or you are interested in adding a new exciting aspect to your career you can enroll now into our Master Instructor program. The Master Instructor training is for those looking to get into education in their field, and the Master Instructor program is now offered to all instructional staff.

If you are a current student or MaKami alumni and you have friends or family members that are considering going back to school, now is the time to start to start their educational journeys! For students who enroll in the May, July or September intakes, they may qualify for the newly announced Canada Student Emergency Benefit.  Additionally, MaKami College has a refer a friend program that gives students a $200.00 referral bonus once the friend or family member is enrolled for one of our programs.


Interested in learning more? Please contact our Student Advisory Services (SAS) [email protected] or [email protected] for additional enrollment information or try our pre-approval questionaire to see if MaKami College could work for you!