Beware of email scam

Attn Massage Therapists:

Massage therapists be wary, there is a credit card scam going around. I received this email today:

"My name is Mrs. Kristine and I run a construction business.I need your service for my workers who just finished a construction work. We need body massage before our next job. I have negotiated with a driver that will bring 10 people to your office for complete massage on 11th and 12th of December starting by let me know the total cost for the complete table massage for the 10 people and the types of credit card you accept.Your full contact address and whom to contact when they arrive.The types of credit cards that you accept for payments. and your cell phone number?

Please kindly get back to me via email if you can get this done."

Beware. This is a scam to collect your personal information, not a legitimate request for your services.