Announcing the New Financial Aid Scholarship Fund

MaKami College is proud to announce the creation of a $100,000 scholarship fund on behalf of MaKami College and the Pavkovic family to those living in financial hardship. 

"At MaKami, we truly believe that education is the key to opportunity and changing not just one person's life, but entire generations of families and loved ones," says Marija Pavkovic, CEO and Founder of MaKami College. "Unfortunately for many who don't have the financial ability, education is simply seen as out of reach. We want to help change that, and we feel this scholarship is one way of accomplishing that goal."

The scholarship is application open to any adult over 18 years old living in the province of Alberta who is in need of financial aid to attend school due to financial hardship or low income. 

The awarded scholarship amounts will range between $500 to $5,000 per chosen recipient, with the scholarship amount going towards the student's education at MaKami College for any available program in either Edmonton or Calgary. The combined total of all allocated scholarships will be up to a maximum of $100,000. Students will be responsible for any other payment for their own program not covered by scholarship awarded amounts.

The funds will be held in trust by MaKami College and will be released to the school on behalf of the recipients. The funds, awarded to well-deserving recipients, will go towards tuition, books or supplies for any program at MaKami College in either campus location. The recipients have up to one year to enroll in a program at MaKami College or they will forfeit the scholarship and another winner will be chosen.

To find out more information or to receive an application for the scholarship email [email protected], Subject: Financial Aid Scholarship Fund.

Application deadline is August 31, 2018.