5 Steps to Becoming a Massage Therapist in Alberta

Massage therapy is a great, in-demand career. So how do you become a massage therapist?


The process of becoming a massage therapist is similar to that of a nurse, physical therapist, or a dental hygienist. That is to say, to practice in Alberta, you need training, practice, and gradute from a recognized post-secondary institution such as MaKami College.


There are five specific steps along your path to becoming a registered massage therapist. 

1. Check Your Eligibility

First, start with this short survey below to find out if you’re eligible. Massage therapy schools like ours can accommodate different backgrounds, languages and previous experiences. We’ll ask you a few questions about your background so we know if you’re a good fit for the program. 





2. Apply With a Tour

Once you’ve checked your eligibility, the next step is the application! Now, applying to a massage therapy school is a big decision, and at MaKami College, we want you to experience the college as part of your application. 


We ask that all applicants come for a tour of the college at the start of their application. On a tour, you get to learn more about the course work, see the facility, meet some of the teachers and staff, see students in action, and even get a massage yourself!

3. Take Your Coursework

After you’re accepted into the college, it’s time to hit the books and take some classes. The Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program takes two years. In the first year, your classes will teach you anatomy, physiology, pathology, and different massage techniques. Year two dives deeper into advanced techniques and knowledge of the human body. 


Additionally, course work at MaKami prepares you to be a successful employee and business owner. You’ll learn how to market your skills, communicate with clients, and understand the different environments where you can use your massage therapy abilities. 

4. Complete Your Practicum

After the first year of coursework, we’ll help you land a practicum placement in your city. Think of this as an internship where you get to practice your skills and see what the real world of massage therapy work is like. This practicum can lead to full-time employment, though that’s not guaranteed. Some employers have asked students to stay on during their second year and even beyond that. 


5. Get Your 3,000 Hours to Graduate!

Finally, to your advanced clinical massage therapy program, you need 3,000 hours of practice. All of this will come throughout your program and practicum. As you can imagine, this means you’re getting a LOT of hands-on experience during the program. Massage therapy courses at MaKami combine book smarts and clinical hours where you work with actual clients! 


At MaKami College, everything you need to be a massage therapist is accomplished in the program. Ready to get started? Fill out that eligibility form above!